Questions We Get the Most

Still Beauty
  • 01 Where do you travel to?

    Please refer to our map for travel zones. 

  • 02 Are your therapists qualified?

    You better believe they are! All our therapists hold either a certificate in massage therapy or a diploma of remedial massage. We also provide all our therapists with many hours of training, to make sure each and every massage is of the highest consistent quality

  • 03 How do I pay?

    True to form, we strive to be as stress free as possible with payment methods. Mastercard, Visa, and cash are all acceptable; however, we don’t except Amex, eft, or bank transfer. If this is a problem, please contact our reception staff

  • 04 What oils do you use?

    We proudly use Botany Essential, an Australian made and owned oil company. We use cold pressed almond oil and pure essential oils to ensue that your skin is left soft and hydrated

  • 05 How much space do I need?

    Please bare in mind that most treatments require the use of a full-body retractable massage table, so generally speaking if the space is large enough to swing a cat we should be fine. (NB. Still Beauty does not endorse the use of cats or any other animal for measuring purposes)

  • 06 What room will you massage in?

    Depending on the treatment, we'll generally leave this up to you. The space should be as calm and distraction free as possible

  • 07 Can I book more than one treatment at a time?

    Yes. Our therapists are able to do up to seven massages in a row. You can also book two therapists to come at one time

  • 08 What is you cancelation policy?

    We understand that while no one ever wants to cancel a massage, life has a nasty habit of getting in the way. If you do need to cancel, please give us as much notice as possible. If you can't let us know before 24 hours you will incur the full price of the treatment

  • 09 Does it matter if my family are home?

    Not at all

  • 10 What if I have a pre-existing injury?

    Injuries are among our specialities. Please speak with our reception staff if you are concerned about how a treatment might effect a specific injury

  • 11 I'm pregnant

    Not really a question, but congratulations! Pre-natal massage is a very important part of your journey. If you’re still in your first trimmest, please make sure that your doctor has given you the go ahead before starting treatments

  • 12 Can I pick my therapist?

    You sure can. Get to know our team here or speak with our reception staff to learn more about which therapist is best suited for you

  • 13 Can I claim with private health insurance?

    You can claim remedial massage on private health insurance. However, not all of our therapists are remedial practitioners. (This doesn’t mean they're any less qualified). Please contact our reception staff to find out which therapists you can claim with

  • 14 Can Still Beauty come to my office?

    Yes we can. Please speak with our reception staff for more information

  • 15 How do I know which massage is best for me?

    Good question. Each of our therapists has spent a career figuring this one out, and work very hard to intuit your body's exact needs on the day of your treatment

  • 16 Do I need to tip my therapist?

    Everything is included in your payment and there is need to tip. The biggest tip in our eyes is booking another treatment

  • 17 Do I need to supply anything?

    We provide all required equipment. 

  • 18 How does Still beauty vet its therapists?

    We are a small and hands-on business, and each therapists is a part of the Still Beauty family. As well as in-house training, our therapists undergo thorough and ongoing vetting to ensure that everything is kept up to date

  • 19 Can I re-book the same therapist?

    Yes. The more our therapists work with you, the more they can help you. We believe that massage is an essential part of your everyday well-being, and therefore should be a regular part of your lifestyle

  • 20 Can I re-book with my therapist directly?

    You can book directly with your therapist after a treatment or with our reception staff

  • 21 What happens if my baby wakes up during the treatment?

    The beauty of having treatments at home is exactly that: it's your home. If your baby happens to wake up, we're happy to wait while you do your thing

  • 22 How soon after labor can I have a massage?

    We always tell our clients to listen to their bodies. If it's telling you that you need a treatment straight after birth, you probably need one.

    If you’ve had a C-section you will not be able to lay on your stomach until the scar has healed. We can, however, still do a full body massage with you lying on your back

  • 23 Why don’t you take bookings online?

    We know, online bookings would be great. However, due to the mobile and personal nature of the service, we need to ensure that we understand exactly what you’re looking for in a treatment. At Still Beauty, we prefer to play it safe and make sure no stone is left unturned